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UAE is among the top ten ferrous scrap exporters in the world. It is common practice for scrap dealers and scrap companies in Dubai to import metals from construction, automotive and industrial sectors from Africa, South Asia and bring to the UAE, from where it is sent out as scrap across the globe. Metals constitute the largest portions of landfill waste, and with increasing environmental consciousness among government and people, scrap metal has become a hot commodity.

Al Sifah metal scrap dealers are an established and fully licensed scrap dealer company in Dubai & Sharjah, dealing with all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are specialized in offering fast and reliable recycling services to industrial clients and assist other metal recycling companies in material handling. Al Sifah is a leading scrap dealer in Dubai, fully equipped to collect all scrap and surplus materials from construction sites, warehouses/stores, power projects, refineries and more. Their services are extended to scrap metal removal, collection, factory clearance and site clearance.

Al Sifah is among the top scrap companies in Dubai with their high level of services. They also cater to customer needs in an efficient and lawful manner. With the focus on providing efficient services to their industrial clients all over UAE, Al Sifah is leading the dynamic metal scrap business. They are equipped with well trained and knowledgeable staff to deal with scrap materials in an efficient, safe and environment friendly manner.

Being one of the top scrap dealers in Dubai, Al Sifah focuses on following a highly professional customer-focused and innovative approach in their business. They are specialized in combining all the available resources and synergies to be identified as the most preferred business partner among UAE’s client networks. With a well knowledgeable and skilled team in hand, Al Sifah offers best and solid services all the time.

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Metal Suppliers in Dubai: Why Choose Al Sifah? — Scrap Metal

Scrap Dealers in Dubai

Al Sifah are metal scrap dealers in Dubai. They are an established scrap metal recycling business dealing in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. So why should you choose Al Sifah for any of your metal scrap needs?

They offer fast and reliable service to the clients with regard to all metal scrap materials. They have their own range of vehicles including pickups, trucks, trailers and skips.

They provide scrap collection services to construction sites, factory clearance, warehouse/store, metal collection, demolition contractors and collections, scrap metal removal and site clearance. They also pay top prices for copper, cable, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, lead, various cables, electric motors, all type of iron and steel, etc.

Al Sifah is a fully licensed scrap metal processor, and their focus remains trading of scrap, surplus materials in accordance with international quality and standards and environmental regulations while providing a personalized service to suppliers and customers in order to satisfy their individual needs.

Al Sifah is your best bet as they maintain key values of safety, quality and productivity. Al Sifah fulfills commitment to its customers and understands that environmental protection is integral to the company’s continual improvement process. They undertake the below environmental principals into consideration:

Prevention of Pollution: They minimize the impact on the environment by establishing objects and targets aimed at the minimization of waste through recycling, reduction, and reuse of programs. Compliance: They exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. Customer and Supplier Focus: They provide customers with assistance and information in matters involving prevention of pollution and compliance with environmental laws and regulations, as they relate to their process.

Awareness: They communicate about the environmental policy to employees, contractors, customers and suppliers to ensure continuing awareness of environmental issues and provide appropriate training on environmental matters to all employees.

Keeping all this and more in mind, Al Sifah is definitely your trusted Scrap Dealers in Dubai.

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